alphamesh is a successful award-winning brand in the field of sophisticated architecture, and alphamesh safety systems is a product of the German company proMesh GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Friedrich Münch GmbH + Co KG, the world market leader for metal ring mesh and an important supplier of safety equipment to the military and police, as well as to industry and public institutions.

Armin Fehr,Managing director proMesh GmbH

Friedrich Münch GmbH + Co KG, the world's leading manufacturer of flexible metal meshes, has stood for continuity, safety and reliability for more than 100 years. Owned by the Münch family up to the present time, the company has continued to develop and open up new areas of business, including the field of architecture. In 2006, proMesh GmbHwas founded to develop this exciting business area. Many internationally acclaimed projects followed. In collaboration with leading architects, extraordinary design applications have been realized both in large-scale facade solutions and the interior sector. Inspired by sliding partitions made of our meshes, we started the development of alphamesh safety systems in 2018.Efficient and low-maintenance technology coupled with previously unknown design possibilities makes alphamesh safety systems far superior to conventional roller grill or roller shutter solutions. This potential was also recognized by the expert jury of R+T 2021 and honored with the Innovation Award for technical innovation as well as the Special Gold Award for exceptional design. But alphamesh safety systems are not only a feast for the eyes aesthetically, but also tested and certified for safety! Since February 2022, we have proudly announced that our system has been awarded the burglary protection class RC 2 by the PIV, Velbert, an independent testing institute. Alphamesh safety systems is safety with style and aesthetics!


proMesh represents a continually increasing value for its customers as well as its employees. Our solutions and consultation will be continually improved so that we are always a bit ahead of the expectations. The special fascination that emanates from alphamesh is the basis for our firm conviction of having developed a unique material. The consequence of this enthusiasm is the daily motivation to continually improve our products and the service. proMesh provides innovative products and services in the field of architecture and interior architecture based on its technical production and application competency. The knowledge of social responsibility plays a special role as part of helping to shape the human environment.


As part of a family-run company spanning generations, we are aware of our responsibility to future generations. That's why responsible use of natural resources, environmentally neutral and resource-saving production, sustainable development, environmental protection, safety and quality are our most important corporate goals. 
In addition to the use of renewable energies, our concept also includes the treatment of our process media in closed cycles, such as the extraction and recycling of clean water. We are also committed to ensuring the sustainability of our product. Our stainless steel ring mesh has a long service life and is corrosion resistant and recyclable, making it one of the top materials in terms of environmental friendliness.SUSTAINABILITY