Safety meets design. alphamesh safety systems has been tested by the independent testing institute in Velbert (PIV) in accordance with the legal requirements according to DIN/TS 18194:2020-07 and meets the requirements of resistance class RC 2.
The alphamesh safety systems are also characterized by a flexibility and appearance that so far is unique. In 2021, our security system was awarded the R+T Innovation Prize twice. Silver in the gates category and gold in the design category, which was awarded for the first time.


The bottom end profile (U-ground profile), the ring mesh and the top end profile (U-ceiling profile) generate the visible unit of „night closure with alphamesh ring mesh“. The top end profile with the upper support structure is permanently connected to the ceiling (screened or directly integrated in a suspended ceiling).

The top end profile is used to attach and hold the alphamesh ring mesh. If the night closure is completely closed, the top end profile works as a height-regulating element for the closing counterpart: the bottom end profile. The bottom end profile is used as the lower collecting tray of the ring mesh, and is directly connected to the drive shaft by using steel cables and deflection pulleys. With the support of steel cables, pulleys and the drive shaft the bottom end profile will be directly lifted and lowered.


The night closure is locked either with electromagnets that are recessed directly and completely in the floor under the ground tray, or with side-mounted locking bolts which are installed at the lower end of the lateral guide profiles.


The drive motor (shaft-mounted motor 3 x 400 V) is directly connected to the drive shaft on top. The dimensions and the power of the motor unit depend on the size of the alphamesh safety system. The motor unit can be programmed via a controller, so that the ring mesh night closure can be individually lifted and lowered.
The operation is executed via pushbutton switch, key switch, badge reader or radio remote control with
hand-held transmitter.
Necessary safety components such as a contact strip
(safety edge), light barrier (photocells), etc. can be
offered on demand.


Architecturally, the extremely high flexibility of the metal ring mesh allows for highly individualized store planning that can be implemented in almost any form. When open, the day and night shutters blend in unobtrusively with the existing store design, which comes into its own when closed as well, thanks to the particularly fine fabric structure. Bespoke illumination of the ring mesh to match the corporate design, for example, can also create a very eye-catching visual effect.