alphamesh safety systems – which was awarded the R+T Innovation Prize – has already been successfully used for security and protection in many completed projects involving customer contact, including at Stuttgart Airport, Kantonalbank Zug, Drogerie Wyss from Sursee and other high-quality shopping centres.


Which is one more reason that from 2022, alphamesh is joining the German Council of Shopping Places (GCSP) – the German retail real estate industry’s nationwide advocacy group with more than 750 member companies specialising in development and analysis, financing, centre management, architecture, commercial real estate, retail and marketing. In grouping their interests together, an ideal networking basis is formed. The goal of this is to identify which omnichannel paths and shopping experiences are needed to survive in the world of tomorrow.


Decision-makers from trade and industry meet each year for the two-day German Council Congress in Berlin, which took place on 07/08 September 2022 and celebrated its 20th anniversary. The congress was all about the theme of SPACE: rooms and spaces; distance from the old; the courage to change; space for design, new concepts; public space; natural space; outer space and longing, dreaming, and thinking big; everything is possible when it comes to the overarching themes that can be drawn from SPACE: shopping, locality, awareness, culture, environment. In addition to a reception and a gala dinner, the get-together also featured presentations by top professionals from the various industries.


On this platform, alphamesh safety systems presented its ring-mesh night shield, which offers a universally applicable protective device for  building safety pans and above all in stationary retail. In addition, alphamesh fabrics were used as stage decoration at Congress events.