XUnd Bistro

Luzern, Switzerland

The XUND Bistro, where trainees and apprentices can eat during the day, is located on one floor of the XUND Education Centre for Training and Further Education of Health Workers in Lucerne. In order to prevent unauthorised access to the bistro’s freestanding bar after closing time and overnight, an alphamesh safety system made of 12.0 stainless steel ring mesh was installed. The flexibility of the material allowed the night closure, with a circumference of 14.66 m and a height of 1.3 m, to be made from one piece around the entire perimeter and then raised and lowered using a motor. When closed, the alphamesh safety system wraps around the XUND bistro like a veil, and is locked in the evening by means of electromagnets which are integrated into the bar’s counter.

A straight closure, also made of alphamesh 12.0 polished stainless steel, with a width of 8.64 m and a height of 2.67 m, was installed at the same time to block access to the kitchen at night.

The training centre opted for this security solution from alphamesh because no other product could meet their technical and visual requirements.